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    Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc (MAA) is a duly recognised international chapter of the National Mapua Alumni Association, Inc (NAMA).

    The acceptance and recognition by NAMA was made on 17 April 2009 during the induction of the new members and the first set of MAA
    Board Members and Officers.
  • What is our Mission?

    Conceived on shared aspirations and ideals by like-minded professionals, Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc aims to unite the alumni of Mapua
    Institute of Technology (MIT)in Australia and the Pacific Rim and bind them in a productive cooperation to undertake social, educational
    and cultural programs, projects and/or activities that will benefit the alumni, the faculty and the student body of MIT, as well as, the
    general community.
  • Why Join MAA now ?

    MAA is the duly recognised international chapter of the NAMA. We aim to unite all Mapua alumni living in Australia.
    Joining MAA will enable you to:
    • Reconnect with your school mates and fellow Mapuans
        With our growing membership base and diversified skills, we may help you find a perfect fit for what you need.
    • Share your blessings further by supporting our Scholarship program
        Through this program, we are able to help deserving students of Mapua in financial difficulty to finish their chosen degree.
    • Give something back to the community
        Our annual tree-planting day and outreach programs makes us more proud to be a Mapuan.
    • Share your passion for just about anything with a fellow Alumni
        Be it a sport, fitness, photography, camping, hiking, music, arts and heaps more, you’ve got company.
    •  Be updated with what’s happening
        Receive our quarterly newsletter and email updates
  • How to apply for MAA membership?

    Everything you need to know about becoming a member of the Mapua Alumni Australia is under the Membership section

  • What is NAMA-MAA Scholarship

    Primer on NAMA-MAA Scholarship
    What is the NAMA-MAA Scholarship?
    The scholarship program is a joint initiative of Mapua Alumni Australia (MAA) and its   mother alumni organisation, the National
    Association of Mapua Alumni (NAMA). It is administered by NAMA which takes charge of advertising scholarship availability, accepting
    and screening applications, interviewing applicants, recommending to and coordinating with, MAA re the award decision, then
    handling and paying the scholarship fund direct to Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT).   MAA reviews award recommendations by
    NAMA and provides funding for the scholarship.
    What does the scholarship cover?
    The scholarship covers full tuition fees and miscellaneous fees, on a case to case basis, depending on the students’ financial and
    other relevant circumstances, with the MAA Board making the final decision on financial matters.
    How is the program funded?
    The program is mainly funded through donations and proceeds from MAA fund raising activities.  The continuing grant and the
    number of scholarships will depend on fund availability, that is, on the continuing enthusiasm and generosity of members and MAA
    friends and supporters.
    When did the program actually start and how many scholarship awards have been granted so far? 
     The first scholarship grant commenced with the January 2012 term, another one with July 2012 term and a third grant from the
    January 2013 term.  All the grants so far covered the last two terms of the students’ study. Altogether, 5 terms of scholarship have
    been funded by MAA.  
     Who can apply for scholarship?
     The scholarship is open to all bona fide students of Mapua Institute of Technology who have completed at least the first year of their
    study in MIT.  Preference is given to more senior students, e.g., those in the last two or three quarters of their study.  
    What are the scholarship award criteria?
    The main award criterion is that the student must be economically disadvantaged as evidenced by the parents’ income tax return or
    any other evidence/s of family’s financial hardship.  Also taken into consideration are the following:
    • An overall weighted average of not less than 2.5 and no failing mark of 5. After considering all relevant factors unique to a particular applicant’s situation, the MAA Board may give a special consideration and waive this requirement, provided the applicant can prove that there are circumstances beyond his/her control that affected the academic results.  The 2.5 grade point average, however, has to be maintained to maintain eligibility for scholarship.
    • Good moral character
    • Working student experience
    How does one apply for the scholarship?
    Scholarship application enquiry can be addressed to Chairperson, MAA Scholarship Committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    or to Mary Rochelle Cordero of MIT Center of Financial Assistance and Scholarship at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .