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The firm groundwork for the formation of the association was laid out in a meeting on 26 September 2008 during when the 15 founding members in attendance agreed on the name Mapua Alumni Australia (MAA). On 15 November 2008, the alumni group signed a formal resolution regarding the formation of MAA, its purposes and the formation of an Interim Board composed of eleven directors.

The meeting of the Interim Board on 13 December 2008 saw the finalization and ratification of the Constitution/By-Laws. On 8 January 2009, the association was registered with the Fair Trading Board of NSW as a legal entity to be known officially as Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc.

By 7 March 2009, MAA had its first annual general meeting during when the first set of Board of Directors was elected. Subsequently, the Board Members elected from among themselves the MAA Officers, all in accordance with the election rules and procedures as written by an interim Elections Committee.

MAA is a duly recognised international chapter of the National Association of Mapua Alumni , Inc (NAMA). The official acceptance and recognition by NAMA happened on 17 April 2009 during the induction of the new members and the first set of MAA Board Members and Officers

Since its inception, MAA has participated in the annual tree planting day as sponsored by the Blacktown City Council, undertaken a successful food and clothing appeal for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines, conducted an in-house seminar on leadership and launched a series of fund-raising activities to fund its MAA scholarship project. In addition to the aforementioned activities, the quarterly board meeting (to which all members can attend as non-voting participants) and the annual induction and Christmas/Family Day also provide an opportunity for members to work together and interact socially.




Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc (MAA) is a duly recognised international chapter of the National Mapua Alumni Association, Inc (NAMA). The acceptance and recognition by NAMA was made on 17 April 2009 during the induction of the new members and the first set of MAA Board Members and Officers.




Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc. will be a catalyst for society’s betterment and progress through involvement in scholarship/educational projects, cultural exchange and dissemination and responsive civic activities.




Conceived on shared aspirations and ideals by like-minded professionals, Mapua Alumni Australia, Inc aims to unite the alumni of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) in Australia and the Pacific Rim and bind them in a productive cooperation to undertake social, educational and cultural programs, projects and/or activities that will benefit the alumni, the faculty and the student body of MIT, as well as, the general community.