Loyalty | Unity | Social Responsibility



Why join?
MAA is the duly recognised international chapter of the NAMA. We aim to unite all Mapua alumni living in Australia.
Joining MAA will enable you to:
  • Reconnect with your school mates and fellow Mapuans
    With our growing membership base and diversified skills, we may help you find a perfect fit for what you need.
  • Share your blessings further by supporting our Scholarship program
    Through this program, we are able to help deserving students of Mapua in financial difficulty to finish their chosen degree.
  • Give something back to the community
    Our annual tree-planting day and outreach programs makes us more proud to be a Mapuan.
  • Share your passion for just about anything with a fellow Alumni
    Be it a sport, fitness, photography, camping, hiking, music, arts and heaps more, you’ve got company.
  •  Be updated with what’s happening
    Receive our quarterly newsletter and email updates