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Dear fellow Mapuans,
As you are all aware of, Australia is facing an unimaginable bushfire. So many properties, lives, livelihod have lost and we continue to expect extreme weather condition this weekend. As we celebrate NYE with families and friends, the rest of the Australian community are fleeing their homes to find a safe place for their family. And for most of them, they are still stuck in the fire zone due to road closures.

A lot of Australians are suffering at this very moment. They badly need our help. Below is the bank details of Handog, if you could kindly spare some money so they could continue to help the needy.

Direct deposits may be made to:
Account: Handog Pinoy
BSB 062 339
Account no. 1103 2537
Reference: MAA”YourName”

Alternatively, please visit the RFS website if you would like to make a direct donation to our volunteer firefighters who lost their lives while saving others.

Also, you may check your local community, as some accepts donations in kind to support the RFS and the victims. I know in the Illawarra Region, we can do drop offs of goods at Alexander’s Cafe and Fernwood Woonona.

Please comment below as to other drop off points you may know and kindly add the postcode and state for info, thank you.

RFS donations may include:
-Ziplock plastic bags (approx. 20cm x 15cm) 
-Individual serves of chips and biscuits packets 
-Poppers (juice/long life flavoured milk) 
-Small Gatorade etc and water bottles 
-Up & Gos 
-Muesli bars/protein bars 
-Throat lozenges 
-Fruit & nut boxes 
-Chuppa chups and mentos 
-Packets of wipes (small) 
-Paw paw cream/ antiseptic cream (small tubes) 
-Eye drops 
-Saline solution (mini tubes) 
-Tea & coffee (for fire stations)

These items will be used for 'Grab Packs' that each crew member grabs before going out to a fire.

Most of all, please stay safe. Stay away from the fire area. Look out for one another. Check up on your elderly neighbours. Leave a tub of water for our wildlife friends to drink. And let us not forget that we have a Total Fire Ban in place.


Nelia Palmer
Mapua Alumni Australia 2019

MAA Scholars

John Valenzuela, Steve Nalos, Christian Encio

Beverly Ann Ramos, Ronnel Reyes, Kryssha April Magboo. Alfred Ulanda

Miguel Velarde, Christine Fajardo, Melvin Sabile, Christine Abando

Lei An Tirona, Gladys Acervo, Kenneth Flores, Karl Paulo Clemente

C2S 2019 Updates

We raised a total of $6,110.00.

What an achievement! This will help not only with the funding of our current scholars but will also enable our organisation to continue on our great mission to help more students.

Many Thanks for all your support.

Dr. Ophee de Vera, Nelia Palmer, Craig Palmer, Katherine Palmer, Mitchell Palmer, Sean Judson-Solomon, Sara Cabezas, Jorella Lacambra, Gilbert Perez, Remz Remorrozo, Badong Emmerson, Veron Rovillos, Mary Anne Alburquerque, Dapto Filipino Choir, Dennis Bozik, Wendelyn Vanjou, Charles Howill, Melinda Johnson, Ronnie Santos, Michael Garcia, Anawela Cordova, Lincoln Clark, GR Dynamic Services, Roderick Buenavista, Jawdat Shakir, Rico Pasimero, Amy Su, Raul de Leon, Gerry Reyes, Alicia Ochoa, Ernie Cordero, Bill Capati, Lina di Santis, Teresa Koplitz, Ryan Manoto, Angelina and Lito Manoto, Ting and Lely Manoto, Lita Smith, Rey Manoto, Debbie Rutland, Lourdes Manoto, Daks and Hazel Ibarra, Patrick Ibarra, Felipe Jhambpy Jr, Jon and Malou Sierra, Noel Alcantara, E Barle, Harry and Elvie Ubungen, Bon Ubungen, Anna Wells, Beth Perez, Ninoy and Rachel Batara, Ren Batara, Mauricio de Vera, Tess Maglaya, Stephanie Tancev, Marcee Malig, Melinda Rectin, Rey Baraceros, Jade Bala, Kristine Kelly, Cely Ouano, Jane and Gene Capistrano, Ferdie Francisco, Romele Constantino, HMAS ADELAIDE (HPalmer, PAshford, SCollins, TCunningham, STran, NJercic, NKennedy, NButt, AHardina, JLeProu, DMcDonald, BDwyer, DTobler, MGoode, MJenkins, JSchacht, PBakker)
MAA Volunteer Runners are:
Nelia Palmer, Marissa Manoto, Jon Sierra, Mauricio de Vera, Gene Capistrano, Edgar Escasinas, Ethan Escasinas, Harmon Palmer, Michael Manoto, Excel Dabu

Until next event ...


By John Sierra